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It’s often difficult for those who are experiencing emotional abuse to identify that it’s happening to them. Let’s face it – these topics are generally not in the high school or college curriculum and in many cases children grow up in dysfunctional family systems where verbal and emotional abuse runs rampant and those behaviors get passed down to the children as “normal” – creating another generation of potential abusers / victims.

The majority of victims knew there was a problem with how their partner was treating them. They knew it wasn’t normal to be walking on eggshells around the person. They knew it didn’t feel good or right what they were experiencing, but they also didn’t have the education on these topics to identify what exactly was occurring or how they could stop the cycle.

This page is intended to help educate people about the various topics surrounding Emotional / Psychological Abuse so that people can empower and safeguard themselves against such abuses.

Please feel free to read through the materials and share them with your family, friends and on social media platforms to help spread awareness and preventative education surrounding these topics.

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Protect your Freedom and Autonomy

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Always be wary of anyone who tries to prevent you from questioning. Protect your freedom and autonomy.
Learn to recognize common recruitment tactics and situations, beware of:

  •  People who are excessively or inappropriately friendly; there are few genuine instant friendships.
  • People who are very persistent in trying to get you to join, and won’t take no for answer.
  • People with invitations to […]

Early Warning Signs of an Abusive Relationship

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It should be emphasized at the outset that no one should be blamed for having an abusive partner. The energy and attentiveness provided in the ‘courtship phase’ of such a relationship will feel good to anyone. Let that be repeated, it feels good to anyone, not just people with a supposedly defective partner selection. While there may be some reasons of […]

Trauma Bonding

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Bonding is a biological and emotional process that makes people more important to each other over time. Unlike love, trust, or attraction, bonding is not something that can be lost. It is cumulative and only gets greater, never smaller. Bonding grows with spending time together, living together, eating together, making love together, having children together, and being together during stress or […]

Types of Verbal & Emotional Abuse

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Assertive, healthy communication uses language to connect, support, problem solve, plan, understand, set boundaries, inform, and in personal relationships, increase intimacy. Assertive language is characterized by honesty, integrity, fairness, and openness.
Verbal abuse is the use of language to hurt someone, whether it is with conscious or unconscious intent. Verbal abuse is a dysfunctional use of feedback; i.e., it’s “messed up” feedback. […]

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