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When parents send their children off to College they should feel Secure and Safe knowing that the overall well being of their children is of upmost priority. At this time it seems, it is up to parents and students to educate themselves about the red flags surrounding Predatory Groups and Personalities.

People don’t knowingly join cults. They’re usually targeted, tricked and deceived so they can be brought into the fold. People who join in and remain in these unhealthy organizations do so because of the use of Mind Control Techniques and psychological coercion. Persons who join or befriend destructive organizations come from all social backgrounds, age groups and personality types. Not surprisingly, the individuals who are targeted are usually idealistic, intelligent, well educated and they typically come from a good family background. Yet, it’s their brightness that makes them most vulnerable. Cult leaders don’t want deadbeats. Which is why Cult Recruitment Techniques are constantly being refined to lure in the “bright ones”.

Cults promise they have the answer to the questions and/or problems bothering an individual. The use of open ended questions gives the recruiter information that is used against the unsuspecting victim to lure them in. Many times, the patter is scripted and causes the individual to follow a predetermined path that identifies a problem in their life. Then the recruiter uses this problem as the basis for wanting to “help” the person.

There are endless numbers of groups that recruit heavily on college campuses.

Young adults and College students are the Most Vulnerable to Cult Recruitment and or Predatory Personalities (1 on 1 cult like relationships – Guru/Spiritual Guide, Intimate partner relationships etc) and here’s a couple of reasons why:

These young adults are usually living on their own away from home for the first time.

  • They could be lonely and looking for connection and friends
  • Young adults are usually “finding themselves” and actively looking for answers – Cults willingly provide “these answers”.
  • They may want to be part of something “big” to help themselves and or mankind.

Please download, print and share our preventative education resources and read through some of the most recent media articles about such groups who are recruiting on college campuses.

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