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Our sister organization F.A.C.T. – Families Against Cult Teachings.org has received thousands of complaints over the last 6 years regarding Religious / Spiritual / Cult Abuse. Receiving complaints from victims and survivors of a wide variety of religious and 501C3 non-profit charitable organizations.

We are not anti religion – we are against predators and manipulators injecting themselves into these particular group settings so as to prey upon vulnerable, unsuspecting, innocent children, adults and entire families and hiding behind in the name of religion – in the name of spiritual salvation.

The statistics are staggering! It’s an Epidemic and is Absolutely Unacceptable !! We hope you will familiarize yourself with the information we have provided here and share it with your loved ones and communities.

It Can, Has and Will Save Lives!

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Religion Versus Cult

Religious Spiritual and Cult Abuse|

Religions Religions respect the individual's autonomy. Religions try to help individuals meet their spiritual needs. Religions tolerate and even encourage questions and independent, critical thinking. Religions encourage psycho-spiritual integration. Conversion to religions involves an unfolding of internal processes central to a person's identity. Religions view money as a means, subject to ethical restraints, toward [...]

B.I.T.E. Model to Mind Control

Religious Spiritual and Cult Abuse|

Behavior Control 1. Regulation of individual's physical reality 2. Dictates where, how and whom the person lives and associates with 3. Control types of clothing that are permissible, colors, hairstyles worn by the person 4. Regulate food and drink allowed or rejected 5. Impose sleep deprivation 6. Financial exploitation, manipulation or dependence 7. Restrict leisure, entertainment or vacation time 8. [...]

Questions to Ask about a Group, Church or Leader

Religious Spiritual and Cult Abuse|

What is the general attitude regarding the leader or leaders? Are members passive, blindly faithful, intimidated, star struck by the leadership? Or do members treat leadership like any other member? Are pictures of the leader(s) posted throughout the buildings they occupy? What is the lifestyle of the leader or leaders? Do they live moderately compared to other working members of [...]

Religious group associated with claims of sex-trafficking found at UNF

cults on campus|

Reports of a sex-trafficking religious group on college campuses have been popping up all over the country, and a member of the group has recently been spotted here at UNF. The University of North Florida Police Department (UNFPD) was recently notified by a student that they were approached by a member of “God the Mother” in the Carpenter Library Starbucks. [...]

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