How Predators Groom Their Victims 


Bad guy: It is so easy, all I do is look for profiles online. I say hi- the ones that say hi back are my prey. I tell them they are pretty, special, smart.
Then I find out about their lives, their hopes, desires, dreams, fears and especially who they are having any arguments with. I never tell them anything about me-their desperate minds fill in the blanks the way their imaginations want me to be-the less I tell them the more they want me-
I take their side in every conflict- I tell them fate brought me to save them.
I make the argument bigger than it was- I blow smoke and distort –
Then when she / he is agitated I get them to meet in person. I drive to school or even better their home -lure them to sneak out-just a short time at first but there will be more later.
I have to groom them, break their boundaries down layer by layer until my prey is defenseless –
Grooming is my specialty- it is my job- I am good at what I do -they have no chance of escape- soon they will be trafficked and I will be paid and on to my next targets-

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