The reason for this information is to warn all innocent, vulnerable young female students of Katsura Kan, who was found guilty in the 17th Judicial Florida court for the wrongful death of one of his students, Sharon Stern.

He was also allegedly accused of drugging and raxxxx one of his female students.

Please see below email from whom we believe is the victim.

“Dec 5, 2019

Dear XXXX,

I am ready to confess today that in 2010 Katsura Kan raped me in a deserted castle in South ltaly after he put a drug in my cup of tea. I will be happy to hear what happened with the lawsuit.

Thanks and hugs”

We believe that all his students should know the concrete facts of his physical, sexual and monetary exploitation of his female students.

Please share this information with as many people as you can and please send a protest to Urban Guild at against holding this event that will take place on February 24th and 25th for Katsura Kan.

We seek to assure the safety of all his students because we believe Katsura Kan’s evil teachings and manipulations only serve to fulfill his sexual desires.

Saving one life is saving the whole universe.  Anyone who does not fight evil is empowering evil.


FACT Inc Team