Survivors of Trafficking (sex or labor) and or Undue influence in high demand groups ( Religious / Spiritual / Self Help & Cultic situations) often find themselves emotionally and psychologically distraught and are in need of professional counseling to process and heal from their traumatic experiences. Often times survivors are financially ruined and can not afford professional counseling, which is where our program fills the gap for some survivors.

Our program matches survivors with professional counselors who specialize in the areas of Undue Influence, Manipulation, Coercion and Psychological Abuse in Human Trafficking (sex & labor) situations, High Demand Groups, Religious / Spiritual / Self Help & Cultic situations.

If you are a survivor of Undue Influence from a Human Trafficking situation, High Demand Group or Religious / Spiritual / Self Help / Cultic situation and feel you need professional counseling and Do Not have the financial resources to obtain such counseling, fill out the form below to apply for our Professional Counseling Scholarship.

If you would like to help us sponsor this program and help provide survivors with the professional counseling they need to heal and get back to wholeness, your in kind donation is extremely needed and very much appreciated. Please Donate now.

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