Art is a therapeutic medium that can be an excellent tool to accessing emotions we cannot communicate verbally, moving towards processing and integrating our trauma. Art serves as creative expression which promotes healing and mental well being. In this new program we sponsor children who grew up in insulated, unhealthy environments and send them therapeutic art supplies and books to help them heal. This is your opportunity to give hope and healing to young victims of abuse.

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Unfortunately, most stories of abuse are often heard decades later, when it’s often too late to prosecute the assaulter or pedophile. These reports are constantly in the news. The sad thing is that the attacker was able to damage more victims in those 10, 20, or 30 years it took the victim to process what happened and speak out about it. The emotional pain and inner pressure are often too much to bear for the young impressionable mind of a child, and sometimes even adults. But what if you could get the victim to express their traumatic event right after it happened? What if speaking up about it would actually make the abuser stop inflicting the pain? Releasing emotional shock and mental heartbreak is crucial to the healing process. But, because the mind can be a self-protecting machine, many can’t face the sorrow, grief, and heartache attached to these hellish memories.
However, art therapy can help to bubble up these inner wounds buried deep inside of victims of abuse.

Using creative techniques such as painting, coloring, drawing, collage, or sculpting, art therapy can help children, adolescents, and adults express themselves artistically. Visual arts invite the victim to explore the heartbreaking emotions and scarring memories of the haunting trauma. Art therapy helps improve self-esteem, manage addictions, relieve stress, improve symptoms of anxiety and depression, and cope with experiential trauma by examining the psychological and emotional undertones in their art.

By clicking the button below and donating, you’re helping us to build a network for good. Your donation allows us to give the right tools and heartfelt support needed by these victims of abuse. Your donation also helps us raise awareness of these insidious individuals who wreak havoc on children, adolescents, and adults. Children are usually the most susceptible because they’re big-hearted and full of trust. They’re also not aware of the evil intentions of these self-serving vampires, and this is even truer when the person is someone who the child loves and trusts. A young person depends on another person, usually the parents, to survive. This dependence and trust make it nearly impossible to process the betrayal of that person (whether it’s a mom, dad, clergy, teacher, etc,) because the child also needs that person to survive. This conflict leaves the youngster feeling helpless to do anything about the horror that occurred, or is continuing to occur.

Your financial generosity helps to end this type of abuse and is most greatly appreciated. We can’t help these victims without your help. So please click the button below to donate now.  Your one-time, quarterly, or monthly donation keeps us fighting against these intolerable actions while helping those who were attacked by these predators. Together, we can pull these victims of abuse out of despair, while exposing the predatory practices of these vulturous groups and exploitative people.

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